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Clues & Co

The practice was established in UK in 1982 and provides consultancy and expert witness services in electronic systems in telecommunications, computer technology and electrical engineering. The range of services included research and development, design and development, project management and training.

Bevan Clues is a Chartered Electrical Engineer and a member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology. He is accredited and a practicing member of the Academy of Experts and the Society of Expert Witnesses, He is listed in the UK Register of Expert Witnesses. His career started in electrical engineering and subsequently in the design cycle and operations of computer systems, networking, and telecommunications. He holds a UK amateur radio operators licence. Much of his work has been international. He has been practicing in forensic analysis since 1991 and is experienced in the presentation of written and oral evidence.

He is experienced in the use of Guidance Software EnCase Forensic data acquisition and analysis tool (version 6), including the FastBloc Field Edition (FE) tools, AccessData FTK Forensic Suite, Microsystemation XRY forensic data extraction tool, Magnetic Forensics Internet Evidence Finder (IEF), and Tableau for computer hard disk examinations.

Services include:

Cell Site Analysis
Secure Messaging Systems including EncroChat
Computer Systems, Hardware / Software / Networks / Applications

Our laboratory is equipped to deal with cell site analysis and mapping, attribution analysis, mobile phone examinations, computer examinations, audio and video analysis, document examination and photography. We undertake field measurements and surveys as required principally for cell site analysis. We use a combination of commercial equipment and developed our own equipment, procedures and software applications in performing our work including radio survey systems.

Defence, Prosecution and Legally Aided cases accepted. For civil cases we accept instructions for either side or as a single joint expert.