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Consultancy, Digital Forensics and Expert Witness Services

Our main office and laboratory is in Colchester, Essex, UK, with other offices in London and Glasgow. We provide Consultancy, Digital Forensic Analysis and Expert Witness Services in the fields of Information Technology, Telecommunications, Radiocommunications, Computing and Audio/Video. Languages English, French and Mandarin Chinese. We are also NCA (National Crime Agency) approved providers.

If you would like more information or simply some advice on whether we can assist you then please contact us here.

We Offer:

  • Expert Witness,
  • Forensic Investigations and Analysis,
  • Consultancy, Research & Development

Flagship Services:

  • Cell Site Analysis,
  • Mobile Phone Examination and Data Extraction,
  • Computer Examinations, Electronic Discovery, Data Recovery,
  • Audio/Video


  • Compliant with Civil Procedure Rules part 35 and Criminal Procedure Rules part 33,
  • Single joint expert instructions accepted,
  • Legally aided cases

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